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      1. Games for your brain

        Feed your brain with award-winning apps loved by millions.

        App of the year

        Best Education Apps
        of the Year

        I haven't had this much fun learning since I was a kid! The games are really engaging and they all target different yet essential skills.

        - cheryl from ireland

        Games for your brain

        Learn something new today. Our games use proven learning techniques to teach vocabulary, context, grammar -- and more!

        Track your progress

        We personalize the curriculum based on your performance, which you can then track across apps using a single login.

        Designed by experts

        Our team has designed the perfect recipe of 1000 words and phrases, 50 real-world lessons, and a bunch of delicious games. Learning has never tasted so good.

        As covered by clever brains in:

        • Wired
        • Huffington
        • New York Times
        • Good Housekeeping
        • USA Today
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